A Little FAQ & A
About Us
Hello! We are AKOFA Creative.

We are a multidisciplinary design studio located in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia. From logos and typefaces to websites and printed material, we specialize primarily in design production and as the design landscape changes we have branched out into various other fields of design to help our clients. Our goal is to provide you with the best service and fairest price for any creative projects great or small.
Our Process
Sure, we could give you an elongated treatise of our inner most thoughts on the steps it takes for any design to come to life, but in reality our approach can actually be distilled into a simple three phase process. Our method is as follows:


From simple design campaigns to more complex multi-stage production projects, these three steps have always guided our design work and has yet to let us down.

Curious to know how we can help you? Contact us and give us an idea about what you have in mind.
Are You For Real?
Afraid so...This is how we have operated everyday since our founding in the mid to late 90's. We hope it is not that hard to believe?

You see, while we are flexible and open to new ideas that come with working in the design world, we still have a pretty persistent work ethic and believe in being honest about the services you will receive in addition to being upfront and fair when it comes to charging for those services. Sure, we could charge you NYC/LA rates for our work but we have to be realistic to give you the best deal for the work we produce. But don't assume that because our work is priced at fair market rates that we compromise on the quality. No, that is definitely not our style at all. We are more likely to adhere to the three principles of utilizing our great standards, producing awesome work and services and providing it to you at a fair market price.
You say "I" sometimes and "we" others...I'm confused? How many people work here?
No need to be confused...The reason I would say "I" in reference to projects is because it would be from me, Kwesi Amuti, the lead designer and creative director of AKOFA Creative.

The reason "we" and "us" are used in reference to projects is because of the fact that while AKOFA Creative has a very small in-house staff; we work closely with our clients as well as our trusted network of freelancers, contractors and vendors to accomplish larger projects.
What's With The Logo?
We understand it looks odd but our logo is actually a stylized version of an African stool. So the next question you may have is why an African stool? I'll explain...First, I designed the stool because of my cultural connection to Africa itself...I'm actually Ghanaian-American and in the early days of the studio I searched almost endlessly for a symbol that best represented our studio without appearing like a design cliche. While on a trip overseas, I sketched a rough version of the stool after a visit to a craft market. As I continued to refine the logo, it soon became second nature to use with our business collateral. From then on the stool remained; not only because of its unique ability to stand out among a vast array of design studio logos but also because it holds a deep cultural relevance for us.
Why is AKOFA in all caps? Is it an acronym?
No, it is not an acronym. Although a lot of people have tried to put periods after each letter or say it by each letter. The reason why AKOFA is in all caps comes from the early days of the studio when I designed the first business cards. Following the trend of the day, we used all lowercase letters and showed the design to my family for a bit of design feedback. Almost instantly, my parents asked why it was in lowercase. I answered because its the new style of design at the time and without missing a beat they responded, "We did not give you your middle name in lowercase...It started with a capital letter. Plus, lowercase makes you look as though you are not confident about your studio. Are you not confident about your designs and your business? Maybe you should do something else if that's the case." They finished with this lasting piece of advice, "Maybe you should have them all in capital letters...it would look better."

From that moment on, the all caps wordmark remained.
Can I get a logo/website/font for free?
C'mon...hook me up?
Why not?
Because while we are at times philanthropic about donating a website, logo, typeface or anything we design for free; we would be seriously discounting the efforts of our staff and the time it took them to come up with the idea we are giving away pro-bono. The old adage that "there is no such thing as a free lunch" would apply here beautifully; because while the material you receive would be free; someone had to pay in work, mental effort and, more importantly, time for you to get that free material.

Besides, are you not using this free material to promote something to make money? Which would prompt a better question... why should we be a charity while you are not?